Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sequence Diagram Patch

Hope everyone have a happy new year!  This is the first patch of the year 2015 and it is focused on drawing sequence diagram.   Personally, I think sequence diagram is the best UML notation to illustrate communication between multiple systems.  In the past, I haven’t found a tool that could create them with ease.  Well with the additional components added to this patch the search is over.  Here are what's added

  •  Ability to change sequence diagram head with any of the vector object from library
  •  Add sequence activation and improve sequence connector
  •  Add sequence frame

Changing Sequence Head and Drawing Sequence Activation

You can change the sequence head by dragging any vector shape from the library over the existing sequence head.  To draw sequence activation, you need to draw a thin box along the sequence timeline.  The connector will automatically adjust itself when the activation is detected.  You can change the activation property such as coloring and deleting with the normal gesture command. 

These will be explained by the following slide:

Drawing Sequence Frame

You can draw a sequence frame by drawing a box around the whole sequence or drawing a box that span more than one sequence timeline.  Sequence Frame behaves like a boundary box.  


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