Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wireframe Concept (BETA)

This is still in beta phase as I am still figuring out the rest of the workflow.  This patch provides a quick way for you to start a high level design of your app/web interface.  It is meant to keep it simple so it doesn’t have any of the interactive stuffs that you would get from some other prototyping apps.

To begin wireframe, you must drag one of the wireframe elements from the shape library.  The wireframe element behaves similar to boundary box.   
·         Selection only at the edge
·         Two move functions: move all and move individually
·         Drawn object is now closer to the draw size dimension instead of standardized dimension
·         Can draw lorem ipsum text element

Lorem ipsum

You can create lorem ipsum by drawing three consecutive top-down horizontal lines either within a shape or outside.  You can also change the ipsum size using the font size slider.  Lorem ipsum is currently represented by .ipsum. tag so you can override it with the actual text at later time.

Finally here is a sample:

Please email if you have any suggestions



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