Monday, 3 August 2015

Mind Mapping Workflow

New mind mapping workflow is added in this Android patch 1.8.0. This workflow is to simplify the creation of mind map. You can create a mind map by choosing the mind map option when creating a new file.

To begin, you start by drawing your central idea shape and then type in the central idea immediately afterward. From the central idea, you can simply draw out branches any way you want either with straight, curve, or multi-step lines.

It is easier to edit branches looks and feels by redrawing the connector line again. For example, drawing a straight line on a curved connector will act as a quick replacement command. You can re-route children node by simply selecting the start point of the connector and drag it to other parent node. Finally, to draw link between existing nodes you can just draw line connecting them.

Here are some additional mind map specific controls

The current implementation is still in beta stage as it is still missing some advance mind mapping features such as auto layout, more styling option, mindmap format, and more. Please help us improve them by sending your suggestions to



  1. Good idea, I hope it's possible in the futur to change fonts and add draws.

  2. I think I found a way how to obtain full richness of .de diagram formatting in .dem mindmaps, so that you can have labeled edges, shaped nodes, nodes with drawings from Handraw, pictures from Gallery, etc.

    You can get it in the following way. Start with creating a mind map A.dem. Then create a diagram In B create a node with a jump to A, using the command Then when you jump from B to A, A behaves like a diagram with full richness of formatting. Then when you close A using the "home" icon, it closes as A.dem and when you open it again in the standard way, it behaves like a mindmap.

    In particular, after the jump from B to A, you can create e. g. picture nodes. Moreover, when you create an edge from a node u to a node v in the diagram mode, then v will behave like a child of u in the mindmap mode including the possibility of collapsing. If you like to continue formatting A as a diagram, jump into it from B again.

  3. Correction. The jump from B to A uses the command .url.A.dem, of course.

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