Saturday 16 February 2013

Some Helpful Starting Tips!

We are still working on the tutorial so hopefully these tips will help you getting started.

  • To Pan the surface, you use two fingers and maintain the same spacing between them. Using the thumb and the index finger seems to be the easiest for me.
  • When selecting a shape or a group of shapes, you can delete it by drawing “x” or copy it by drawing “+”. You can draw anywhere on the canvas but don’t draw it bigger than 1/3 of the screen.
  • You are likely to draw unwanted lines or unrecognized shapes in red strokes. Simply touch the surface with two fingers will clear those lines. However, you should ignore it and continue to draw over it with a successful shape or action and these unwanted lines will automatically go away. Do NOT Use the “undo button” for these red strokes.
  • When drawing connectors, you should try to start in the middle of the first shape and end your connector stroke within the middle of the second shape. Any point within the shape is still ok.
  • You can select a boundary box by touching its border only. Likewise, you can double tap on the border for labeling.
  • Check out our website tutorial slides for other drawing gestures.