Friday 16 August 2013

IOS is out! Dropbox is next

IOS version 1.0 is approved and released.  It is now available for both iPhone and iPad alike.  We are happy with the first version and we would like to get as much feedback and/or bug reports about it.  There are a couple of features that we are still finishing off to keep all our features in sync across all platforms.  

  1) URL and file linking
  2)  global copy and paste clipboard 

With all three platforms available, our immediate priority is to improve the sharing capability of it.  Right now you can only do so with email, so we have been evaluating some of the cloud platform to make sharing between all devices more seamless.  We have decided to go with Dropbox for our first cloud integration. 

Looking back at our roadmap and the development list, we still have a huge amount of works ahead.  Especially now that we have many platforms to develop on, it is important that we can get as much help from our users as possible to keep us moving forward.  Please feel free to send any feedbacks and suggestions to our support inbox.  Also, your extra ratings and reviews in the app store are extremely important for us.